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1999.01.14 Speech at Calvin College [listen]

1999.04.25 NPR: Borders & Conflict [listen]

2000.03.09 The Connection, NPR [listen]

2000.12.18 Worldview, NPR [listen]

September 11, 2001 . . .

2001.09.16 NPR [listen]

2001.09.18 Worldview Retrospective, NPR [listen]

2001.09.23 NPR [listen]

2001.10.02 NPR [listen]

2001.11.27 The Connection, NPR [listen]

2001.12.13 NPR, the Bin Laden Tapes [listen]

2002.01.06 NPR, Warrior Politics, Part 1 [listen]

2002.01.07 NPR Discussion [listen]

2002.01.13 NPR, Warrior Politics, Part 2 [listen]

2002.02.23 Financial Sense Online [listen]

2002.10.13 Weekend Edition, NPR [listen]

2002.11.21 Kansas Local News [listen]

2003.03.11 Fresh Air, NPR [listen]

The Iraq War Begins . . .

2003.06.17 Washington Journal, C-Span [listen]

2003.06.27 Worldview debate with Prof. John Mearsheimer, NPR [listen]

2004.04.27 Radio Times, NPR [listen]

Australian Institute, Date Unknown [listen]

Other Programs

(transcripts only; audio not available)

PBS Thinktank Discussion with Francis Fukuyama

Address about Warrior Politics

On the O'Reilly Factor

9-11 One Year Later: Colorado College

Discussion with Thomas Friedman

Wilmington University Symposium

Camden 2004 Conference

Available in txt or pdf format

1987.11 - Sons of Devils (AM) [pdf]
1989.04 - Afghanistan Post Mortem (AM) [pdf]
1989.07 - Europe's Third World (AM) [pdf]
1990.05 - The Character Issue (AM) [pdf]
1992.08 - Tales from the Bazaar (AM) [pdf]
1994.02 - The Coming Anarchy (AM) [pdf]
1996.03 - A Bazarri's World (AM) [pdf]
1996.08 - Proportionalism (AM) [pdf]
1996.09 - Fort Leavenworth (AM) [pdf]
1997.12 - Was Democracy Just a Moment? (AM) [pdf]
1997.02 - History Moving North (AM) [pdf]
1998.02 - Special Intelligence (AM) [pdf]
1998.03 - And Now for the News (AM) [pdf]
1998 (Spring) - Conrad's 'Nostromo' and the Third World [pdf] 1998.07 - Night Train to Istanbul (AM) [pdf]
1998.07 - Travels into America's Future, Part 1 (AM) [pdf]
1998.08 - Travels into America's Future, Part 2 (AM) [pdf]
1998.08 - Travels into America's Future, Part 3 (AM) [pdf]
1998.12 - Hoods Against Democrats (AM) [pdf]
1998.09 - The Fulcrum of Europe (AM) [pdf]
1999.06 - Kissinger and Metternich: Part 1 (AM) [pdf]
1999.06 - Kissinger and Metternich: Part 2 (AM) [pdf]
1999.08 - China: A World Power Again (AM) [pdf]
1999.08 - Four-Star Generalists (AM) [pdf]
2000.01 - Israel Now (AM) [pdf]
2000.03 - What Makes History (AM) [pdf]
2000.06 - The Return of Ancient Times (AM) [pdf]
2000.09 - The Lawless Frontier (AM) [pdf]
2000.11 - Where Europe Vanishes (AM) [pdf]
2001.06 - Roman Africa (AM) [pdf]
2001.10.14 - Don't Impose Our Values (WSJ) [pdf]
2001.12 - Looking the World in the Eye (AM) [pdf]
2001 (Winter) - The World of Achilles (NI) [pdf]
2002.01 - The War on Terror Debate (SLATE)
2002.03 - The World in 2005 (AM) [txt]
2002 (Spring) - Ivory Towers on Sand (MEQ) [txt]
2002.11 - A Post-Saddam Scenario (AM) [pdf]
2002.11 - Carter in Ethiopia (NR) [pdf]
2003.04 - A Tale of Two Colonies (AM)
2003.05 - Euphorias of Hatred (AM)
2003.07 - Supremacy by Stealth (AM)
2003.11 - Pakistan: A Nuclear Yugoslavia (NYTBR) [txt]
2003.11 - The Story of a War (AM)
2003.12 - The Holy Mountain (AM) [pdf]
2003.12 - Think Global, Fight Local (WSJ) [txt]
2004.03 - The Man Who Would Be Khan (AM) [pdf]
2004.05 - How do I Look? (AM) [pdf]
2004.05.31 - The Real Story of Fallujah (WSJ) [pdf]
2004.06 - Five Days in Fallujah (AM)

Articles about Kaplan and Book Reviews (by date)

1994 (Summer) The Arabists review (HIST) [pdf]
1996.05 Ends of the Earth review (WM) [pdf]
1996 (Fall) Ends of the Earth review (NI) [pdf]
1998.08 Letters: Empire Wilderness [pdf]
1999.01 Empire Wilderness review [pdf]
2001 (Spring) The Ends of the Earth review (NI) [pdf]
2000.11 Eastward to Tartary review (WM) [pdf]
2001.04.17 Article [txt]
2001 (Summer) Eastward to Tartary review (APJ) [pdf]
2001.09.12 Coming to Grips With Jihad [pdf]
2001.10.12 No Relation (SLATE)
2001.10.12 The View From Inside (AM)
2002 (Spring) Kaplan's War: Warrior Politics review (NA) [pdf]
2002.08.08 Bhutto sends Kaplan book to Advani [txt]
2002.11.25 Tragic Realism (NS) [pdf]
2003.01 Warrior Politics review (ARM) [pdf]
2003.06.13 Warrior Politics review (CHC) [pdf]
2004.06.15 In the Line of Fire (AM) [pdf]
Date Unknown
Need the Coming Anarchy Come? Biography
Several articles from the mid-1990s

Magazine/Publication Key:
AM: Atlantic Monthly, The
ARM: Armor
CHC: Christian Century
HIST: The Historian MEQ: Middle East Quarterly
NA: National Affairs
NI: National Interest, The
NR: National Review, The
NS: New Statesmen, The
NYTBR: New York Times Book Review, The
WM: Washington Monthly, The
WSJ: Wall Street Journal, The

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Surrender or Starve
The Wars Behind the Famine
Sept 1988; reprinted Nov 2003

Soldiers of God
With the Mujahidin in Afghanistan
or, also subtitled:
With Islamic Warriors in Afghanistan and Pakistan
Feb 1990; reprinted November 2001

Balkan Ghosts
A Journey Through History
Feb 1993; reprinted March 1994

The Arabists
The Romance of an American Elite
Sept 1993

The Ends of the Earth
From Togo to Turkmenistan, from Iran to Cambodia: A Journey to the Frontiers of Anarchy
or, also subtitled:
A Journey along the Fault Lines of the 20th Century
Jan 1997; reprinted Jan 2000

An Empire Wilderness
Travels into America's Future
Aug 1998

The Coming Anarchy
Shattering the Dreams of the Post Cold War
Jan 2000

Read an exerpt from the book!

Eastward to Tartary
Travels in the Balkans, the Middle East, and the Caucasus
Nov 2000

Warrior Politics
Why Leadership Demands a Pagan Ethos
Jan 2003
Read the first chapter!

Taras Bulba
(By Nikolai Gogol, Translated by Peter Constantine, Introduction by Robert D. Kaplan)
Dec 2003

Mediterranean Winter New!
The Pleasures of History and Landscape in Tunisia, Sicily, Dalmatia, and Greece
Feb 2004

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